About us

We are LWL Apparel.
So now you’re wondering “Who are these guys?” Well let me introduce myself, I’m Dan and I started the brand from the South West of England in 2015. When we started, our original aim was to mainly supply weight-lifting accessories, but after we began to make a name for ourselves, it became clear that people loved the ethos of what the brand stood for and asked if we could release our own clothing. So we decided to meet the demand and add a line of clothing to the LWL brand.
We primarily based our brand in local gyms and a very successful supplement shop, where we had and still have a great support from the guys and girls who are constantly growing this brand.
Now, fast forward 2 years and we can now proudly say our apparel and accessories are worn worldwide! We are still based in the South West of England, but have expanded and have a base in Perth, Australia as well. This gives us the perfect platform to spread the LWL ethos and focus on building the brand internationally.
We are still a small team and do as much as we can ourselves and outsource locally when we cannot.
I personally design all of our clothing and it is hand printed by either a local company in the UK or by myself in Australia. Me and the LWL team have a pride in our work.
Our range is ever expanding as time goes on and we have loads in the pipeline! We are excited to get these new lines out to you and keep building the brand remembering one thing .....none of this is possible without you! 
So we thank you for being a part of this journey and a part of Team LWL.
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